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Koshihikari's "Koshi" means Echizen -Fukui-Japanese name, "Hikari" means hope. Exact rice in all respects, such as color, luster, scent, taste, just like "the hope of Fukui". It is easy to eat and the rice flavor is good. It is suitable for calling "rice of soul".

No pesticide residue; safe rice!
Rice has to be safe
because it is something you eat everyday.

Our unique microbial farming method

Our mission is to deliver safe and secure rice. we raise rice with the "microbial natural farming method" borrowing the power of microorganisms. In addition, we do residual pesticide test every year to prove that the rice that you finally eat is definitely safe.

We have not used chemical fertilizer for many years. We raise rice with the help of organic fertilizer and microorganisms. It is safe for both the environment and mankind. As a result, we can create a healthy rice field where waterside creatures live. Therefore, safe and delicious rice grows.

Our rice is fresh and nutritious!

We protect the vitality of rice by using a natural drying technique.

Usually in Japan, rice is dried with high heat kerosene burners so all the nutrition of the rice is lost. At MAISEN, we protect rice using natural drying. It retains its flavor and nutrition.

Gentle and carefully polished rice

Our rice is carefully selected rice

(1) We remove stones and debris after hulling
(2) We put it into a giant sized net to remove small grains.
(3) We sort with a 2 step optical sensor sorting machine to remove insect damaged grains or discolored rice.

You can enjoy our rice without worrying about husks or stones!


Products details

Ingredients 100% Fukui made Koshihikari
Quantity 1kg/3kg/5kg
How to store Transfer rice into an airtight container, and store it in the vegetable compartment in your refrigerator. When storing in a rice bin, it is important to clean and use an insect repellant. If storing in a place not mentioned here, please keep it at a low humidity, in a well aired area (for example, under a shelf).
Nutrition facts -
  • Rice (5kg)


    ¥ 4,115

  • Rice (3kg)


    ¥ 2,571

  • Rice (1kg)


    ¥ 1,080