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100% Pure

Pure Black Honey is taken in the Mergat region of Maharashtra State in the middle of India. It is a rich taste of honey which is not using any sugar or syrup.

The secret of the color of honey

"Honey" is common in gold color, but "Pure Black Honey " color is dark brown. The reason for this color is "pollen". Pure Black Honey contains tree pollen such as "parashes" and "maua" that bloom at the time of collection. They contain plenty of minerals. The black brown color of Pure Black Honey is a proof that the grace of the rich forest has been condensed.


Nutrition and environmental preservation

Gathering of honey from wild bees in the forest also helps preserve the environment. By cutting out only a part of the nest, the honeybee actively acts to regenerate based on a part of the remaining nest. As a result pollination of trees and flowers in the forest is done, and the ecosystem is protected.


Products details

Ingredients honey(india)
Quantity 180g
Best before period 2 year
How to store ※Please do not eat infants under 1 year old.
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  • pure black honey

    Pure Black Honey

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