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What is Brown Rice Udon?

Healthy udon made from our fine Brown Rice Powder that has no pesticide residue. This product does not use 5 of the biggest allergens such as wheat or buckwheat. Even people with allergies can enjoy udon safely. It also contains all the nutrition of brown rice. You can enjoy its soft and chewy texture. The noodles are firm yet smooth. It is enjoyable even for people who do not like brown rice. This udon uses high quality ingredients, and it tastes good.

Our commitment to safe and tasty food.

Raw rice powder noodle: Brown Rice Udon is a rare noodles that uses raw rice powder. Usually, noodles that are made from raw rice powder have the problems of being easily broken into small pieces or being too dry. Our original method makes the noodles very smooth, soft and chewy at the same time.

Made from zero pesticide residue brown rice.

We used zero pesticide residue MAISEN brown rice, so it is safe. It is full of nutrients because the rice is kept fresh due to how we naturally dry our rice. It has a soft and chewy texture, and the more you chew the sweeter it gets. Also our rice is not roasted when processing in its powder form. The bran part that covering brown rice is grinded together so that you can take the brownsome fibers and other nutrition. It also aids digestion. Super fine powder makes this noodle smooth!

Free of 5 the biggest allergens

Brown Rice Udon is free of the 5 biggest allergens (eggs, dairy products, wheat, buck wheat, peanuts) and it is processed in a facility specifically used for rice powder noodles. Our facility earned the ISO9001 certification. ISO9001 is an International Standard that is given only to businesses who fulfilled quality and hygiene management up to a light international standard. People with allergies can safely eat our Brown Rice Udon.

Products details

Ingredients Brown Rice Powder (Japanese made), potato starch (Japanese made), vinegar, alcohol, thickener (xanthan gum, alginate ester), processed starch.
※alginate acid...fiber that is in sea weeds such as kelp and wakame.
Quantity 1pack = 120g (Once serving)
Best before period Before opening:180 days from the date of manufacture
After opening:Please eat it as soon as possible.
How to store Store in a cool, dark place.
Nutrition facts [ in Brown Rice Udon (100g) ]
Calories:257Kcal, Water:35.4g, Protein:3.8g, Fat:0.4g, Total Carbohydrate:59.6g, Mineral content:0.8g, Sodium:46mg, Sodium chloride equivalent 0.1g
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