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No wheat, white sugar or butter.
Eat your bread without worry

A mother who has a child with wheat allergy found us at a convention. She was so excited that her child could eat bread from now on.

This is the only 100% Brown Rice Bread;no wheat, milk, butter, eggs, or white sugar. Plain Baked is the simple type, Blacken Baked uses roasted brown rice and aromatic. You can get all the nutrition of brown rice. Recommended for people with a low GI value diet.

Eat it toasted; flavor expands in your mouth!

The secret to Bracken Baked and Plain Baked.

Nothing is mixed, 100% Brown Rice Bread!

You cannot buy this type of bread from many stores. This type of wheat-free, gluten-free bread is rare indeed.

Recently there has been a boom of companies providing brown rice and brown rice powders, and many claim to provide brown rice bread. But most of them have some gluten from wheat, or something else added that makes their bread not 100% pure. There are only a handful of companies who make real 100% products. We developed this bread after many years of study. We used our Brown Rice Powder from zero pesticide residue brown rice. This contains plenty of fiber, and is full of the nutrition of brown rice. Also, this is a low GI value food. It is good for your diet since it slowly raises your blood sugar after a meal♪It has the light texture of rice powder, and a soft texture at the same time. And you still receive all the nutritional benefits of brown rice. Even if you don't like brown rice, you will enjoy this bread.

For toasting! The texture is so addictive.

The outside is crunchy♪Inside is soft♪ Perfect texture because it is 100% brown rice.

Blacken Baked Brown Rice Bread・Plain Baked Brown Rice Bread are made for toasting. If untoasted, the bread is quite dry but it changes texture when toasted!How did it become so good? When you toast it, the outside is crunchy and inside is soft like mochi; the perfect bread. We want people who love bread in the morning to try our Brown Rice Bread. We hope it will be one of the things you enjoy in the morning!

Why toasting?
That is because it is made from 100% brown rice. Just like cold rice is dry and brittle, cold Brown Rice Bread is dry (this is proof that our bread is 100% brown rice!). When toasted, you get both crunchiness and softness at the same time. You can enjoy this perfect mixture of textures.

It is safe for people with a wheat allergy.

We produce this product at a facility that processes only rice, so there is no risk of cross-contamination of allergens.

25 products without allergen ingredients. We process our products at a facility where we do not use any ingredients that become allergens, so people with a wheat allergy can safely enjoy our products. Also, it is good for people who are on a diet. Compared to wheat, it digests slowly and it stops any sudden rises of blood sugar levels, which results in long-lasting fullness.

What color is Blacken Baked Brown Rice Bread?

It is black, but not because it is burnt. We used brown rice that is roasted. Roasted brown rice has been used for Chinese medicine for centuries. It clears the inside of our bodies naturally with the effects of good fiber, phytin acid, and charcoal that functions to absorbss toxins. It also contains ferulic acid, a kind of polyphenol. You will warm up from inside when you drink hot water with roasted brown rice.

How to eat - Bake it!

Slice the bread to the thickness of your likings → toast it for 6 -7 minutes with 500W. 4 ? 5 minutes in 1000W oven → it is done when the surface is brown!

Add a variety of toppings!

Perilla oil + natural salt
Perilla oil is full of Alpha-linolenic acid that is necessary to humans. This is healthy oil. When you add a little natural salt to perrilla oil and put it on toasted Brown rice Bread, it tastes just like rich butter.

Maple syrup
Unlike white sugar, maple syrup won't raise your blood-sugar level. It also has plenty of minerals such as zinc and calcium. Its original flavor and soft sweetness goes very well with our Brown Rice Bread. Eating bread with maple syrup is very popular with children and women who love sweets.

Salads, fruits, and soups
Raw vegetables and fruits contain a lot of enzymes. We recommend you eat Brown Rice Bread with vegetables or fruits. Eat it with soup and you'll stay dull! Soup and Brown Rice Bread is a combination that satisfies growing children and men.

We strive to delivering safe and tasty food.

We understand 680 yen for a loaf of bread is quite expensive. However, no other company who produces Brown Rice Bread that uses only brown rice can provide it at this price. It took us a few years to develop this product. One foreign buyer for a coffee shop, which expanded to Japanese market, was very excited to have this product. He hugged the President and told him that he couldn't wait to order the bread. We work hard to deliver the bread that is safe for people with a wheat allergy. We make original products that you can not find anywhere else.

Thank you for wonderful messages!

・I ordered it for the first time and I am really impressed with the taste.

・Hello. I received my order yesterday. I used to love to eat bread but I can no longer eat it because of a wheat allergy. I am so excited that I can eat bread again after 3 years. The bread I ate after 3 years...was sweet, tasty, and had a nice texture.

・I suddenly developed a wheat allergy this January. I hear from my friend about your product that does not use wheat at all. I ordered your Brown Rice Bread and it was very delicious♪ It was just like eating regular wheat bread, and it made me so happy. This bread filled a hole in me. Please keep producing great products.

・I ordered the Blacken Baked Brown Rice Bread for a second time since I loved it so much. I slice it thin and toast it. You get a crunchy and soft texture that is really addictive.

・I always wanted to try brown rice bread, but I thought it was too expensive for me. My friend who received your bread for a baby shower gift told me that she was going to order the bread since it was so good. So I decided to order it myself as well. My 4-year-old son loves bread, and we buy bread often, but I was a little concerned because he has a mild wheat allergy. Now I can't wait to receive your product!! I also am checking out your new doughnuts!!

For customers who purchase Brown Rrice Bread

MAISEN's Brown Rice Bread has a characteristic in that it rises unevenly. Sometimes this causes holes or cracks in the bread. If you receive bread like this, please contact us immediately. We will send you new Brown Rice Bread right away with our popular sweets!

Products details

Ingredients 【Plain/Blacken】brown rice (Japanese grown), beet sugar, rice bran oil、raw yeast, salt, trehalose, thickener
Quantity 1 loaf = 340g
Best before period Before opening:2 weeks (guaranteed from the time you receive it)
After opening:Please eat it as soon as possible.
How to store Store in a cool, dark place.
Nutrition facts [Brown Rice Bread per 100g ]
Calories:247Kcal, Water:41.3g, Protein:3.4g, Fat:3.5g, Total Carbohydrate:50.5g, Mineral content:1.3g, Sodium:400mg, Sodium chloride equivalent:1.0g
  • 100% Brown Rice Bread (Blacken Baked)

    Blacken Baked 1 loaf

    ¥ 700

  • 100% Brown Rice Bread (Blacken Baked)

    Blacken Baked 3 loaves

    ¥ 2,007

  • 100% Brown Rice Bread (Blacken Baked)

    Blacken Baked 5 loaves

    ¥ 3,087

  • 100% Brown Rice Bread (Plain Baked)

    Plain Baked 1 loaf

    ¥ 700

  • 100% Brown Rice Bread (Plain Baked)

    Plain Baked 3 loaves

    ¥ 2,007

  • 100% Brown Rice Bread (Plain Baked)

    Plain Baked 5 loaves

    ¥ 3,087

  • Plain/Blacken Baked Brown Rice Bread Sets

    Plain/Blacken set

    ¥ 1,359