We went through a lot of hardship, especially at the beginning. Let me introducing a bit of our history here.

Mr. Makino started producing rice with "Consumers First" ideology.

It was the Spring of 1992 when Mr. Makino started producing rice with "Consumers First" ideology. He said good-bye to being a businessman and became a farmer. His desire to make something special led him to take over his father's farming business. But everyone around him, including his father, was against his idea. They believed that the agriculture industry was not as easy he was thinking. However, Mr. Makino never changed his decision and he was confident that he could make it in this business. He previously worked in the food service industry, and it was there he learned the principle of "Consumers First". He brought this principle to producing his own rice.

Starting with 7 hectares of rice field

He started the first agriculture production corporation in Fukui. At that time, rice production was managed by the government with the strict laws, but Mr. Makino was able to use a "Specially Grown Rice" system that allowed growers to sell organically grown rice which was set by a "Membership System Deal". Soon one of his previous employees where he used to work quit his job in order to join Mr. Makino, even though he worked without pay. This was the beginning of the corporation. In 1992, they established MAISEN. It became the first agriculture production company in Fukui. The company started with a 7 hectares field and started purchasing surrounding fields

MAISEN overcome a lot of pressure and many obstacles.

MAISEN overcome a lot of pressure and many obstacles. For the development of his own business, Mr. Makino needed a processing facility. Although he possessed his own equipment at the time, he was not thinking about building a processing facility. He decided to talk to the Agricultural Cooperative Association about renting a facility in return for being a subcontractor of theirs. But his offer was declined. He concluded that he needed to go separate ways from the association and decided to get a low interest loan from the government. He passed all the application requirements from the prefecture, city and the Agricultural Cooperative Association and started the construction of a facility. However, nearing the opening of the facility, the process was stopped since the Agricultural Cooperative Association declined to put their seal on the necessary documents. He went to talk to them but they did not alter their stance. However, he managed to collect funds and finally opened the facility. This kind of hardship builds character.

Completion of the Main Processing Facility.

Completion of the Main Processing Facility. In 1993, the Main processing facility was completed. It contained a Sunlight Drying Room, which utilized solar power, and a rice mill. Mr. Makino calls the facility a "life time investment" and it was praised by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry because of its energy saving ability. After the facility's completion, he focused on the sales of his own company brand rice. "Sell what you yourself make" was the natural way of thinking for Mr. Makino, and they sold to consumers who were not members. He was reported as an illegal rice farmer but he did what he did because he was only thinking about providing the high quality products to consumers. He expanded his business by selling directly to the food service industry, which is infamous for high standards.

MAISEN Magazine Begins.

MAISEN Magazine Begins. In 1995, we established the MAISEN Web Magazine in order to better communicate with customers since we are only taking Online/Mail Orders. We publish new issues monthly. The September 2011 issue was the 200th issue. In 2002, we celebrated our 10th anniversary.

In 2002, we had 10th anniversary.

In 2002, we had 10th anniversary. The 7 hectares of the rice field has expanded to 100 hectares. Mr. Makino's principle "Consumers First" led to the success of MAISEN. We constantly utilized Microbe Farming and Natural Drying with the key words "safety, healthy, genuine" in mind. MAISEN had its 10th Anniversary in 2002.

We developed many products that were based on brown rice.

We developed many products that were based on brown rice. Brown rice is so nutritious that it is called "the complete nutriment". However it is also a fact that there are people who don't enjoy eating brown rice. With the strong desire of Mr. Makino to provide brown rice to people who don't like it, he developed brown rice based products and sold them. Such products are continuously being developed and many varieties are always being made.

2005年Brown Rice Powder
2007年Brown Rice Coffee
2008年Brown Rice bun
2010年Brown Rice Baked Doughnuts
2011年 Brown Rice Cookies, Amazake, Brown Rice Japanese Noodles, Brown Rice Raw Pasta, 100% Brown Rice Bread
2012年 Just Like Meat (Made from only brown rice and soy bean), Zenzai
2013年 Just Like Fried Chicken, Just Like Hamburger, Just Like Fried Meat Cake

20th year in 2012.

20th year in 2012. Compared to the first 10th year, this period saw an increase of field size by 15%. Even though the numbers of our customers has grown, we have been caring for our customers individually and this policy will never change. It is due to this policy and strong support from our customers that we were able to celebrate our 20th anniversary on April 17th, 2012.