It was1992 when I started farming as an individual living in our big village of Earth. I quit the company I used to work for and dove into the world of Agriculture despite disapproval from my family and friends. What I saw at the time was too industrialized. Farmers were only looking for efficiency. There were no insects, no frogs, no mud snails; there were only silent fields. This village is an important land that we are keeping for our future children. Agriculture that does not pollute this village leads to happiness for my family, consumers, future children and myself. Striving to be safe, healthy, and genuine to people and the Earth, we use pesticide only once right after planting rice for weeding. We eliminated the use of fertilizer; instead, we focused on producing rice that is as natural as it can get by using plenty of organic compost. Because of this, many mud snails, small fish and dragonflies inhabit in our rice fields, and swallows fly over our rice fields. In order to know whether our rice is safe, we test for residual pesticides at an official inspection facility for more than 10 years. We used to be laughed at since nobody saw the reasons for all this to be done. But we believe that a true staple food must be both healthy as well as tasty. That is real food. We developed our brown rice products through my own experience of losing weight and being extremely healthy eating brown rice. I want these products to reach as many people as possible. We are proud to deliver our rice that was loved and grown by Mother Earth. At the same time, we are wishing for your health.

Representative Director - Senichi Makino