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Texture of Sekihan (steamed mocha rice)!
Enzymes give it a sticky texture!

We leave cooked rice for more than 3 days keeping it under constant heat. It is rice that activates enzymes in your body. A few days after eating Fermented Brown Rice, you will feel very refreshed. Fermented Brown Rice is softer and easier to digest than regular brown rice. You can use the regular rice cooker that you are using now, no special devices needed to cook it. Many people don't like brown rice because it is quite dry. However, Fermented Brown Rice's texture and appearance are of Sekihan. It is super rice that supports your health naturally. Please try this magical rice that you can make at home easily.

What are enzymes?

Enzymes are types of proteins that we need to live. There is a limit to the amount of enzymes our bodies can naturally create. Thus we need to acquire them from food. Enzymes get damaged by heat that is over 38-40℃, so it is important to eat food raw. However, enzymes in brown rice can sustain high temperatures. They remain in the rice even after cooking. Moreover, these enzymes activate when rice is kept warm. This gives rice a stickier texture as days go by.

Can you eat it from day one?

Yes, you can. Fermentation hasn't started yet on the first day. It is cooked but you can still benefit from the nutrition of the brown rice. Eat it little by little and make it last for at least 3 days, otherwise you won't get the benefit of Fermented Brown Rice.

Do you have to use a rice cooker?

It doesn't matter what you use to cook the rice, but you must keep the rice warm constantly after cooking it. If you are using something other than a rice cooker, you need to move the cooked rice into a rice cooker, or you need to use a thermos pot to keep it warm. If you use a rice cooker from the beginning, you will save time by not having to transfer the cooked rice.

Do you have to use adzuki beans?

You can use other kinds of beans for Fermented Brown Rice. We recommend using adzuki beans because they prevent your body from swelling, and also act as a natural deodorant. Moreover, we think the flavor complements Fermented Brown Rice.

Products details

Quantity 100% Fukui made Koshihikari 600g / Adzuki beans 50g / Sundried Salt Houou 3g
Best before period The rice will not spoil if you air it once a day while continuously keeping it warm. However, it will eventually lose moisture and become hard. It is best eaten within 10 days. ※Do not eat the rice if your rice cooker stops heating it, or it starts to sme
How to store This is a trial set for people trying it for the first time. For everyday use, individual packs of Brown Rice are a better value・Adzuki Beans・Salt! (Brown rice used in Fermented Brown Rice is the same as all MAISEN brown rice)
  • Fermented Brown Rice Set

    1 set

    ¥ 1,275