Customer's Voice

We introduce our treasures.

"Very grateful."
  - from Labrin in Gunma.

I tried your Fermented Brown Rice. I could feel the energy form each grain when I ate the rice for the first time and I just felt so grateful.

(from MAISEN Staff) Thank you for your comment. We are sure the rice was happy to support your health!

"Our family would support your company."
  - from YR in Tokyo.

Dear Mr. Makino of MAISEN Corp. Thank you for always delivering safe and reliable rice. Our family eats, and is appreciative of your rice. Also, thank you for the explanation about the price change. I now understand that you had no choice but to raise the price. In this day and age, I feel that it is really important to have "safe food" whether it be rice or any other type of food. Ordinarily, we have to protect ourselves from unhealthy food, but instead MAISEN is doing this for us. We are very grateful that you are producing this safe rice. Our family would like to support you concerning the price change since I know if you had a choice, you would not have raised it. We will continue to order rice from you. Rice is soul food for the Japanese. We also will continue eating your rice. Thank you.

(from MAISEN Staff) We are moved by this letter no matter how many times we read it. Thank you for the wonderful letter. We will continue to serve your needs!

"Tried different brown rice but yours is my favorite."
  - from HY in Kanagawa.

We eat your rice everyday. Even our children enjoy your brown rice. I tried different brown rice but yours is my favorite. It keeps its softness and flavor even when it gets cold. It is important to have safe rice because we eat rice everyday. We support you!

(from MAISEN Staff) Thank you for understanding our principle of a safe food. We are grateful for your support.

"My husband prepares our rice at night."
  - from Tomochan in Nagasaki.

We decided to try brown rice because my husband has diabetes and I have high blood pressure. Since I thought my husband was not going to like the brown rice, I didn't start earlier. But now, he likes brown rice more than I do! He especially enjoys onigiri (rice balls). My husband prepares the rice at night and he turns the rice cooker's switch on in the morning. The tasty food makes us happy. Thank you.

(from MAISEN Staff) The rice your husband makes with happiness must taste even tastier. It must give you the energy for the day!

"So many refills, I wish I started much earlier."
  - from TS in Shizuoka.

My older son has an allergy and I was thinking of starting a brown rice diet. When my second child was born, I decided to purchase it since I heard it was good for breast milk. But I also heard people say that brown rice is not tasty or that children won't eat it. To my surprise, it was even tastier than white rice. My husband has been praising your rice as well as my children who eat the rice without anything with it. My 4-year-old son and my 3-year-old daughter ask for seconds. I wish I started a brown rice diet much earlier. I will recommend your rice to my parents and friends.

(from MAISEN Staff) I can hear a happy meal time with your children shouting for seconds!