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The porridge expands in your mouth.

Made with zero pesticides residue brown rice, clean water, high quality Hokkaido adzuki beans, and a little Okinawa salt for a flavor. No unnecessary ingredients. The flavor expands in your month. It is an exquisite Adzuki Bean Porridge. This is recommended for those of you who might have a weak stomach; it is good for digestion and does not stress your body. It is also recommended for those who are trying brown rice for the first time.

Grainy texture

Normally, porridge loses its grainy texture, but our Adzuki Bean Porridge is different. We cook it with our own method that uses minimum heat. This method keeps the shape of the grains but is soupy, and gives a rich flavor.

The keys to the flavor are water and salt.

We use water that is filtered in 3 kinds of ceramics (maifan stone, zeolite, and magnetite). This not only absorbs chlorine, metal, foreign objects, and harmful substances, but also melts minerals out from the maifan stone. This makes calcium- rich water. Not only it is tasty but also has healthy mineral water. For the special flavor, we use Shimamasu, salt from Okinawa. You just heat and eat! You can also enjoy it cold!

Products details

Ingredients 100% Fukui made Koshihikari, Adzuki Beans, Solt
※We produce it at a facility that processes dairy products, eggs, and wheat.
Quantity 1box = 180g x 20packs
Best before period Before opening:6 months (guaranteed from the time you receive it)
After opening:Please eat it as soon as possible.
How to store Avoid direct sunlight, high humidity, and store it at room temperature.
Nutrition facts [ per 180g ]
Calories:119kcal, Protein:3.3g, Fat:1.0g, Total Carbohydrate:24.3g, Sodium:228mg, Sodium chloride equivalent:0.6g
  • Adzuki Bean Porridge 1box


    ¥ 2,160