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Nutritional elements hidden in "Brown Rice Power"

Brown rice fermented extract

Brown rice called complete nutrition food, yeast, lactic acid bacteria were fermented together.
When it is extracted after aging period of one year, it becomes a golden liquid. That is "Brown Rice fermented extract".
Brown rice, Yeast, Lactic acid bacteria have considerable useful ingredients even on a standalone basis. By further adding the power of fermentation there, it becomes an extract condensed with all kinds of health support ingredients.
"Brown Rice Power" contains about 29 kinds of useful ingredients.

Recommended for people like this

・anxious about age

Support for "Brown Rice Power"

Protect body from oxidation

Brown Rice Power contains many antioxidants. Among them, five components of vitamin C, vitamin E, glutathione, α-lipoic acid, coenzyme Q 10, "an antioxidant network", mutually help each other, build a network working in cooperation, further improve the power to combat active oxygen . There are many types of antioxidants, each of which has different field of responsibility, so it is impossible to cover the whole by itself, no matter how strong antioxidant it has power. It is important to supplement various kinds of antioxidants and strengthen the antioxidant network. Protecting cells and blood vessels from reactive oxygen, keeping it young and supple, can lead to prevention of aging and diseases.

Keeping intestinal environment healthy

The intestine is said to be said to be the "second brain" is an organ that is closely related to human health. It is said that the intestinal condition appears on the surface of the body. If the intestine is healthy, the beauty of the outside will also be different. The intestinal environment has a great influence on beauty as well.

How to eat

Please take 8 grains per day as a guide, divided into several times.

Voice of the user

I became less tired

Before going to bed everyday, my son and two people are drinking Brown Rice Power. I became less tired and my son became less susceptible to sickness.

Constipation ceased

Two years ago I began to drink Brown Rice Power, the workings of the intestines improved and constipation ceased.


Products details

Ingredients Starch,Brown rice fermented extract,Collagen peptide (derived from fish),yeast,Vitamin E-containing vegetable oil,Coenzyme Q10,Thioctic acid (α-lipoic acid),Cellulose,Vitamin C,Trehalose,Sucrose ester,Vitamin B2,Vitamin B1,Vitamin B6
Quantity 250 grains
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