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Kind to your body and your wallet.
Achieve your ideal diet with Just Like Meat!

We created this product so that people can make the transition from a meat based diet to a healthy one easily and stress free. A look and texture that is just like real meat!

...Soak in water for 2 minutes! There are 2 types, minced or fillet depending on what you are cooking.

...All of our staff was saying "This meat is tasty.". They were all fooled by Just Like Meat.

Soybeans have more protein than meat. Like brown rice, soybeans are called "a perfect nutritional food".

Moreover, it is good for your wallet! You will get more value than real meat♪ Just Like Meat is made with nutritional soybeans and brown rice.

Nutrition. Just Like Meat has more protein
than real meat and more.

Nutrition. Just Like Meat has more protein
than real meat and more.

This graph is a comparison of nutrition between meat and soybeans. Soybeans have more protein in 100g than meat and the quality of protein in soy is higher. This is the reason why soybeans are called "meat of the fields"!And soybeans have no cholesterol, plus 2/3 the fat of meat!
And it contains fat but it is plant based. Saturated fatty acid in animal based fat stresses our bodies, but unsaturated fatty acid in plant based fat contains linoteic acid which cleans your blood. Unsaturated fatty acid can't be created in our bodies, so we need to get it from food.

You can get total nutrition and more!

Not only protein! Grains of soybean and brown rice are small but they have amazing power! Both soybeans and brown rice are unskinned, so they are real brown food.

Soybean saponin
... It is a powerful antioxidant, and it prevents arteriosclerosis, and acts as anti-aging for skin.

Soybean peptide
... It improves basal metabolism power, burns fat, strengthens immunity, and it also has a relaxation effect.

Soy isoflavone
... It controls cholesterol, prevents arteriosclerosis and osteoporosis.

... It controls cholesterol, improves brain functions, strengthens immune cells, prevents high blood pressure.

Insoluble dietary fiber
... It relieves constipation, eliminates harmful substances, prevents obesity, controls blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

Linoleic acid
... It controls cholesterol in blood, prevents arteriosclerosis and heart attack.

Vitamins and minerals
... It necessary nutrition to keep your body healthy and balanced.

Soybeans and brown rice are low in GI value!

Sugar is absorbed quickly for energy, left over sugar is stored in our bodies. When slowly absorbed, is converted into energy. Amount of sugar being absorbed. Just like Meat gives you all the nutrition and won't make you gain weight! This is really an ideal food!

You get much more value than buying real meat.

Just Like Meat gets 3 times bigger when soaked in water! When you prepare 50g of Just Like Meat soaked in water, it increases to 150g! Moreover, it is much more economical than real meat!You can use Just Like Meat for everyday cooking!

Safe food that contains no additives, no chemicals.

Because we would like you to use our products everyday, we are particular about the safety of our products!

Just Like Meat does not contain any additives. We process and mill soybeans and brown rice as they occur in nature. We are particular about these being no additives and no chemicals. It is safe food.

Zero pesticide residue brown rice
MAISEN produces brown rice made in Fukui where nature is abundant. It is safe and it has been tested for pesticide and radio-active substances. We care about soil preparation. Since we use microbes to grow our rice plants, we don't have to use chemical fertilizers. We take our time drying our rice using wind power, not heat from burners. We also have many selection stages for quality control. Our brown rice is fresh and impressive. (when you have nothing to cook, Just Like Meat will be handy.)

Report of radionuclide analysis.

Products details

Ingredients soybeans, brown rice (Japanese grown)
Quantity Fillet ... 100g /
Minched ... 130g /
Best before period two years, so you can conveniently use only the amount you need!
How to store Room temperature
Nutrition facts [ per 100g ]
Calories:351kcal, Water:5.1g, Protein:52.9g, Fat:0.1g, Total carbohydrate:34.7g, Mineral content:7.2g, Sodium:8mg, Sodium chloride equivalent: <0.1 g
  • Just Like Meat (Marukkiri Oniku) Fillet 100g

    Fillet 100g

    ¥ 346

  • Just Like Meat (Marukkiri Oniku) Minched 130g

    Minched 130g

    ¥ 346

  • Just Like Meat (Marukkiri Oniku) Pair set (S)

    Pair set

    ¥ 659

  • Just Like Meat (Marukkiri Oniku) Fillet 100gx3

    Fillet 100g 3packs

    ¥ 972

  • Just Like Meat (Marukkiri Oniku) Fillet 100gx5

    Fillet 100g 5packs

    ¥ 1,566

  • Just Like Meat (Marukkiri Oniku) Fillet 100gx10

    Fillet 100g 10packs

    ¥ 2,970

  • Just Like Meat (Marukkiri Oniku) Minched 130gx3

    Minched 130g 3packs

    ¥ 972

  • Just Like Meat (Marukkiri Oniku) Minched 130gx5

    Minched 130g 5packs

    ¥ 1,566

  • Just Like Meat (Marukkiri Oniku) Minched 130gx10

    Minched 130g 10packs

    ¥ 2,970