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Blacken roasted brown rice that warms our bodies.

We take our time to roast brown rice until it blackens. This is a drink that is kind to your body and warms you from inside. The only ingredient is 100% MAISEN brown rice. No caffeine. It is recommended for women and children.

What are the benefits of blacken roasted brown rice?

The practice of eating natural brown rice roasted until blackened was practiced since ancient times in Japan, as a remedy. Roasting is different from burning because air is sealed out of the roaster when roasting. Blacken roasted brown rice is called "genshin" in Chinese medicine. It warms your body because it has all the nutrition of brown rice, and polyphenol and minerals are added due to the roasting action. It also cleans the inside of your body with the absorption function of charcoal that comes from the roasting.

How to Drink

Put 1 teaspoon (about 2 to 4g) of Brown Rice Coffee into 150-200ml of hot water. You can enjoy it anytime because it is instant.
Tasty iced coffee for summer! It is good for fighting the summer heat because it contains many minerals. When you add some ginger, you will add a more warming effect!

Products details

Ingredients Brown Rice (Japanese made)
Quantity One Pack = 100g (Makes about 30 cups.)
Best before period Before opening:9 month (guaranteed from the time you receive it)
After opening:Please use it as soon as possible.
How to store Store in a dry and cool place. Avoid direct sunlight. After opening, please use within 2 months, regardless of the expiration date. The package has a re-sealable zipper.
Nutrition facts [ per 100g ]
Calories:371kcal, Protein:7.6g, Fat:2.1g, Sugariness:73.5g, Dietary fiber:14.0g, Sodium:2.0mg, Ash content:1.4g, Vitamin E:0.6mg
  • Brown Rice Coffee (100g)

    Brown Rice Coffee (100g)

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