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The great power of Amazake!

Amazake is called "drinkable IV", "the complete supplement", or "an energy drink" because it is full of nutrition. Amazake contains a lot of glucose which is necessary for brain functions. It also contains B1, B2, B6, amino acid, pantothenic acid, inositol, and biotin. There is so much nutrition in Amazake; you can see why it is called "drinkable IV

Japanese yogurt

Amazake is also called Japanese yogurt. It has fiber and oligosaccharide which regulates the functions of the intestines. There are theories that you can cure most kinds of diseases when you regulate the functions of the intestines. The intestinal environment is related very deeply to our health. Regulating the functions of the intestines eliminates toxins (harmful substances such as food additives and pesticides) from our bodies, and relieves constipation.

Amazake for nutritional fortification.

Amazake is drunk for nutritional fortification. It used to be drunk cold on hot summer days to fight the summer heat.

Our commitment to Safe Brown Rice Amazake.

Brown rice is the only ingredient.

Safe Brown Rice Amazake is made only from brown rice. Reguler amazake is made by pouring sake lees into hot water and adding sugar, but our Safe Brown Rice Amazake is made only from fermented zero pesticide brown rice.

No alcohol and no sugar.

Since it contains the word "sake", you might think it is an alcoholic beverage but Safe Brown Rice Amazake is non alcoholic. Amazake has the word "sake" in its name because it was believed that liquor stores long time ago used to make Amazake for seasonal drinks during summer. Our amazake does not contain any sugar; we extract natural sweetness by taking our time during production.

How to drink.

The best way to enjoy amazake is to dilute Amazake and water or hot water in the ratio of 1:1, add a pinch of salt, and squeeze in some ginger. Add some ice cubes for a refreshing summer drink.

Chew while drinking.
Please chew amazake when drinking it. By chewing, saliva is mixed with amazake. Saliva has an amazing power!

a digestive enzyme that aids the absorption of starch.

a digestive enzyme that dissolves fats.

digestive enzyme for sugar.

a hormone that prevents aging.

macromolecular glycoprotein helps us swallow sticky substances.

a plasma protein that prevents dry mouth.

a protein that functions as an antibacterial.

another substance that functions as an antibacterial.

enzyme that prevents free radicals (also getting attention lately because it prevents cancer)

Products details

Ingredients Brown Rice (Japanese made)
Quantity 1pack = 250g
Best before period Before opening:60 days (guaranteed from the time you receive it)
After opening:Please eat it as soon as possible.
How to store Before opening:Store in a cool, dark place.
After opening:Store in a refrigerator ( below 10℃)
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