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Crispy cookies that have the slight sweetness of brown rice.
They are great with green tea or black tea.

Brown Rice cookies are made without wheat, eggs, or dairy products. We are particular in choosing safe ingredients such as zero pesticide residue brown rice, so that you can give our cookies to your children without worry.

Our commitment to ingredients.

Brown Rice Powder
Brown rice is called a perfect nutriment food and its nutrition is well balanced. We ground our well selected, zero pesticide residue brown rice into a super fine powder at a low heat. Thus, we succeed in making a brown rice powder without damaging its nutrient content.

Sugar beets
Regular granulated sugar (white sugar) has high GI value of 110 and is not good for your health. Sugar beets have a low GI value of 65 and are full of minerals. Moreover, sugar beets have plenty of oligosaccharide that increases lactic acid inside one's stomach.

Baking powder (aluminum free)
Baking powder often used for baking. The truth is that regular baking powder has aluminum that is believed to be one of the causes of dementia. Toasties-Comforting Brown Rice Doughnuts use baking powder that is aluminum free.

Rice-bran oil
Are described as "plastic that is edible" or "crazy fatty acid". We use rice-bran oil. Not trans fatty acids such as in margarine. Trans fatty acids accelerate arteriosclerosis. Trans fatty acids are restricted in food in Western countries because they causes angina, and heat related diseases such as cardiac infarction.

※What is GI value?
GI value is short for glycemic index and it is the value that shows how quickly carbohydrates get digested and change to sugar. The lower this number is, the longer it takes for the blood sugar level to rise, which means it is food that does not make you fat. When the blood sugar level rises slowly, sugar is being used as energy. This way, carbohydrates do not accumulate in our body as fat.

Products details

Ingredients Brown Rice Powder, sugar beets, almond powder, rice-bran oil, organic soy beans, glutinous starch syrup, baking powder (aluminum free), natural salt.
※We produce it at a facility that soy
Quantity 8 cookies×4 bags
Best before period Before opening:50 days (guaranteed from the time you receive it)
After opening:Please use it as soon as possible.
How to store Please avoid humidity and store it at a regular temperature.
Nutrition facts [ in Brown Rice Cookies (8 cookies×4 bags) ]
Calories:250kcal, Protein:3.7g, Fat:12.8g, Total Carbohydrate:29.8g, Sodium chloride equivalent:0.5g
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