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Gluten Free,Egg Free,Dairy Free.
Brown Rice Anpan

Use of brown rice powder from Japan

The bread dough grinds Meissen's brown rice into powder and uses it.Meißen's brown rice is a safe rice that has been inspected residual pesticide.

Gluten Free,Egg Free,Dairy Free

Brown Rice Anpan is flour, egg, dairy product is not used.Those who are suffering from allergies and small children can also eat safely.

Sweet bean paste is contained

Tsubu-an is in the Brown Rice Anpan.Tsubu-an is mashed sweet bean paste.


How to eat - Microwave only

Please warm with a microwave oven. → one piece: Microwave it for 30~35 seconds. with 500W. two pieces: Microwave it for 45~50 seconds. with 500W. ※Beware of burns.

Products details

Ingredients brown rice (Japanese grown), red bean paste, beet sugar, rice bran oil、raw yeast, salt, trehalose, thickener, emulsifier
Quantity a bag of three
Best before period Before opening:2 weeks (guaranteed from the time you receive it) After opening:Please eat it as soon as possible.
How to store Store in a cool, dark place.
Nutrition facts [ per piece ]
Calories:176Kcal, Protein:2.4g, Fat:2.8g, Total Carbohydrate:35.3g, Sodium chloride equivalent:0.4g
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