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12-7-1 Kaminoda-cyou, sabae-shi, Fukui-Ken 916-0074
MAISEN Corporation
Representative Director - Senichi Makino

A texture that is just like meat?!
New on the market, "Just like Meat",
the first Agricultural Processed corporation
Product to be released.

~Additive free products made from only brown rice and soy bean~

MAISEN Corp., an Agricultural Production Corporation, (Head quarter:Sabae-Shi, Fukui-Ken、Representative Director:Senichi Makino) developed "Just like Meat" which is made from only brown rice and soy beans. The target market is middle aged and elderly people who are interested in a healthier diet. We are announcing the sales date as August 2, 2012.

■The changing Japanese dietary culture:

In 1970, in America, The MacGaban Report announced that chronic diseases are caused by an incorrect meat based diet that can not be cured by medications. Since then, Europeans and Americans have taken another look at their diet. They are paying more attention to Japanese food that is based on brown rice and soy beans as a healthy alternative. On the other hand in Japan the number of diseases caused by a meat based diet that was influenced by European and American diets is increasing.

■Background of developing Just like Meat:

We studied, supplied, and developed a dietary cure that is easily applied to everyday life. It is mentally challenging and stressful to quit a meat based diet. With Koshihikari that is produced by our own company under thorough management, we developed processed food such as brown rice process food and brown rice flour in order to improve health. We used our years of experience to create "Just like Meat" that has the same texture as meat.

■Outline of "Just like Meat":

"Just Like Meat", is a processed food that has the texture of meat, and has the advantage of being a replacement to real meat for any possible dish. We only use Koshihikari brown rice that has passed a residual pesticide test by our company and Japanese soy beans (not genetically engineered). We succeeded in making a great flavor by blending brown rice, known as the complete nutriment, and soy beans, known as the meat of the field, using our unique blending method. Also, our products are free of preservatives, artificial coloring, and chemical additives. It is freeze dried, so it keeps for a long time.

[ How to use ]
Soak in hot water or stock. It mass grows three times greater when soaked. Thus it is more economical than regular meat that can costs 100 to 150 yen per 100g. We can offer this product for a reasonable price.

[ 2 types ]
Our products come in are in two main types - "Fillet" and "minced". "Fillet" can be used as substitute for meat or ribs for deep fry, stir-fry, or stew. "Mince" can be used for meat loaf or minced meat with sauce. You can use either type easily for a variety of meat dishes.

[ Product Name・Price ]
●Just Like Meat Fillet Type : 100g / 419yen(tax excluded), 200g / 800yen(tax excluded)
Product Images (100g) : http://www.atpress.ne.jp/releases/28904/a_3.jpg
Product Images (200g) : http://www.atpress.ne.jp/releases/28904/b_1.jpg

●Just Like Meat Mince Type : 130g / 419yen(tax excluded), 300g / 905yen(tax excluded)
Product Images (130g) : http://www.atpress.ne.jp/releases/28904/c_4.jpg
Product Images (300g) : http://www.atpress.ne.jp/releases/28904/d_2.jpg

■MAISEN Online Shopping Site (Personal Customer) "MAISEN of brown rice"
URL: https://www.maisen.co.jp/

[ Contacts ]
Phone :0120-81-0932

[ Company Overview ]
(1) Trade Name: MAISEN Corporation
(2) Representative Director: Senichi Makino
(3) Location: 12-7-1 Kaminoda-cyou, sabae-shi, Fukui-Ken 916-0074
(4) Business Outline: Production, processing, and sales of rice
(5) Established: April 17, 1992
(6) Fiscal Year End: September
(7) Number of Employees: 15
(8) Annual Revenue: ¥600,000,000
(9) Capital: ¥10,000,000
(10) Business Licenses: Agricultural Production

■Inquiry about book release
MAISEN Corporation
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