Company Overview

Mail Order sales(Home Visit Sales Law)Notation

Based on Commercial Law regarding Home Visit Sales, Article 8(Advertisement regarding Mail Order Sales)we are notating the following(This is a notation that is required by law)

Distributor MAISEN Co.,Ltd
Administration Director Senichi Makino
Address 12-7-1 kaminoda-cho, sabae-shi, fukui-pref,Japan
Phone: 0778-62-2555
Fax: 0778-62-2820
※Sorry, there are no staff members in this company that can give service in English.
Other Charges 8% sales tax, shipping, C.O.D.(if applicable area)
How to Order Use the Order Form in our website.
(This company doesn't ship internationally.)
Payment C.O.D., ATM at Postal Offices or Convenient Stores
Payment Due Within 7 days from the date you received the products
※Sorry, there are no staff members in this company that can give service in English.

Shipping Turnaround

Within 5 days from the date we received your order with the exception of gifts (except at the beginning and end of the year, Summer Break, Sundays, National Holidays)

※This company doesn't ship internationally.


Returns accepted within 7 days from the date you received the products. We accept returns or exchanges due to damage or some other reasons from customers. However when returned due to customer reasons, you will be responsible for the return/exchange shipping costs. (Please see details on Return/exchange in How to Order)

About Privacy of Information

We ask to fill in private information when you order our products. The information you provide will be used only for the purpose of shipping products and to provide services to you, and will not be used for any other reasons. To respect your privacy, we practice information management and protection.

Management of Private Information

We strive for protection of private information using a strict and appropriate Management System. There is no need to fill in names or any information to identify individuals when normally accessing our website.

Concerning your access history log

Which domain you used to reach our site is stored to our web server log. The date is used for analysis purpose to take web server statistics and will not be used for anything else.

Governing Law

Our Website is accessible from any countries where the laws may differ. However, you agree to abide by Japanese regulations when you visit our website. We will not comment on whether the contents of our site are appropriate for your environment. We consider it your free will to visit our site, and you are responsible for anything related to using our website. Links to other websites are included on our website. We are not responsible for private information on linked websites or their contents.