We grow our rice in Fukui where nature is abundant.

We grow our rice in Fukui where nature is abundant. Using the power of nature, our rice is grown with "Natural Microbe Farming" and is dried by a "natural dry" method to bring out original taste. It is very nutritious.



▲This is the only 100% Brown Rice Bread;no wheat, milk, butter, eggs, or white sugar.


▲It is new food created from brown rice and soybeans.


▲Brown Rice Pasta is made from our gluten free Brown Rice Powder, so it is safe.

Our Commitment

  • Since our establishment, we have actively tested for residual pesticides. In over 200 tests, no residual was found.

  • We are particular about drying, selecting, polishing and everything related to the rice producing process so that we can deliver tasty seeds (rice) that can be enjoyed. Introducing the secret to the taste that everyone says is sweet and easy to eat, white and brown rice.

  • Brown rice is so healthy that it is called the complete nutriment. We work hard to convey the benefits of brown rice to as many people as possible and continue developing products that are tasty and can be prepared easily.